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Transportation Metrics

Figure 1 shows the  number of electric vehicles registered in Oak Park between 2017 and 2023. 

Data Source: Illinois Secretary of State Electric Vehicle Counts

EVs registered.png

Figure 2 shows the percentage of transportation modes used in Oak Park based on distance traveled. 

Data Source: Google Environmental Insights Explorer (2023)

passenger mode share.png

Figure 3 shows the percentage of vehicle types that make up the municipal fleet. The municipal fleet includes police, parking enforcement, fire, public works, water, and administrative vehicles. 

Data Source: Oak Park fleet data (2023)

municipal fleet.png
additional metrics


124,549 gal

Fuel used by Village municipal fleet in 2023

18,165 kWh

Total estimated EV electricity usage of Village EV fleet in 2023


Number of Village-owned public charging stations in Oak Park

Find charging stations here

160,393 kg

GHG emissions savings from public EV charging station use in Oak Park

Click to view the data and charts used for sustainability metrics. 

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