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Building energy Metrics

Figure 1 shows the percentage of each electricity source that make up the total electricity consumption in Oak Park. 

Data Source: ComEd Environmental Disclosure Report (March 2023)

electricity source.png

Figure 2 shows the number of Oak Park enrollments in any community solar program. 

Data Source: ComEd Oak Park customer data

community solar.png

Figure 3 shows the number of Oak Park buildings with rooftop solar. Note, there are approx. 22,100 buildings total in Oak Park. 

Data Source: Illinois Power Agency:

rooftop solar.png

Figure 4 shows the total Village-wide greenhouse gas emissions from 2017 to 2020. 

Data Source: Village of Oak Park Greenhouse Gas Inventory 

GHG chart.png
additional METRICS

3,659 MTCO2e

Total greenhouse gas emissions from municipal building energy usage (2022)


Number of solar permits processed by the Village (2022)


Number of solar inspections processed by the Village (2022)

1-2 days

Average timeline for solar permit review by the Village (2022)

Click to view the data and charts used for sustainability metrics. 

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