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rooftop solar & Geothermal energy

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A bright source of locally grown energy

Ready to take your renewable energy game to the next level? Consider investing in solar panels to create clean, carbon-free solar electricity or a geothermal energy system.

Learn about Distributed Generation Rebates offered by ComEd to help you offset the out-of-pocket costs of installing a qualified renewable energy generating system. 


Solar Energy Systems

Learn more about installing rooftop solar in Oak Park here.

Read about important considerations prior to starting a rooftop solar project here.

ComEd has resources to calculate projects and energy savings, steps for getting started, and incentive and credit information. 

Savings on Rooftop Solar: 


Geothermal Energy Systems

Geothermal energy systems use heat pumps that move heat from the ground to your home or from your home to the ground. They also provide efficient water heating. 

Learn about Grow Geo Chicagoland, a program that will save you money on a geothermal heat pump system. 

how do solar panels work?

benefits of RENEWABLE energy

New Growth

Generate carbon-free, renewable solar power

Create high-quality, local green jobs

Reduce US' dependence on fossil fuels

Reduce air and water pollution

Dollar Bills

Save money on your monthly electric bills

Enhance your property with a long-term investment

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Customize your rooftop solar or geothermal system to best fit your own personal needs

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