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energy efficiency grants

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Oak Park

Up to $10,000 in grant funds are available to Oak Park residents to reduce their home's consumption of energy. Help fight climate change and reduce your monthly utility bills with energy efficient insulation, lighting, water heaters, faucets, air sealing, thermostats, and solar panels.


Feeling enthusiastic? Download a grant application here.

Grant funds for the energy efficiency portion of the program for non-income eligible residents have been exhausted. This portion of the program is now closed. Check back here to learn if new funds become available.

how do the grant programs work?

The Village's energy efficiency grant program can cover 50% of the cost up to $10,000 or $10,000 total for energy efficiency upgrades depending on your household's income eligibility status. 

The program is designed to support the installation of insulation, energy efficient lighting, upgraded water heaters, high-efficiency shower/faucet upgrades, improved air sealing, thermostat upgrades, and solar panels. The installation or upgrade of heating, venting, or air conditioning is also eligible.


For more information about how to apply for this new grant program, please contact the Development Customer Services Department's Neighborhood Services Division at 708-358-5410 and check out Village Services's Housing Programs.

residential energy assessment and permits and inspections are required for all energy upgrades listed in the grant program guidelines.

Non-income Based


Installation Guidelines

benefits of energy efficiency grants

New Growth

Increase use of clean, carbon-free energy

Reduce overall energy usage

Reduce air and water pollution

Dollar Bills

Save money on your monthly electric bills

Reduce cost of home energy-efficiency upgrades

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Enjoy grant program support and advice from Oak Park employees