programs for renters

Whether you rent in a three-flat, high rise, or house, there are many programs that renters in Oak Park can take advantage of to improve their homes and help save money on utilities, reduce housing emissions, and help fight climate change!

Read below to see the programs that you are eligible for. 


community solar
Clean, convenient, carbon-free electricity

If you use electricity, you're eligible for community solar, a great way to get cheaper, pollution-free electricity without worrying about installing and maintaining solar panels. The Village of Oak Park has partnered with MC2 as their official community solar provider.

Participants receive a discount on their electricity bill, while supporting the development of renewable energy resources in Illinois.

To join, simply  sign up for a monthly subscription to MC2's community solar farm. Your subscription will help solar farms generate clean, reliable solar power and earn electricity credits that will lower your monthly bills.

energy assessments
Customized efficiency for your home

If you've run out of ideas about how you can save energy, consider signing up for a free energy assessment! ComEd provides virtual or in-home energy consultants to visually inspect homes and gives personalized reports that identify ways you can save energy and money.

Energy assessments are simple. An energy consultant will work with your schedule. Expect to also enjoy free installations of energy-efficient light bulbs, programmable thermostats, hot water pipe insulation, and water-saving shower heads and aerators. Deeply discounted energy saving appliances are also available.

Appliance Service

Energy Assistance to help your family 

For assistance with your energy bills, apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), a grant for income-qualified renters. Applications are accepted on an annual deadline or until funds are exhausted. 

Applying is a good idea, because if your household qualifies for LIHEAP, you may be eligible for other assistance. LIHEAP is available to all income-qualified residents, including undocumented and mixed-status families.